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You're Going To Hell

May 12th, 2016

10:21 pm
Orihime Rose Inoue

• Yes that is true, but you had my heart in the palm of your hand *she smiles at him* I saved some of your dust, the dust of your being and brought you back, I felt despair when you died.
You did save my life that is why you stand here now alive again.
//I sometimes jump into RP if thats ok and you want to I like making storyline smile emoticon

3/26, 3:57pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
||My Dearest Appreciation Goes to you, and of course.There is nothing wrong with it.

3/26, 3:59pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
[[ok cause you seem like such a very interesting person to do so with hehe just gotta make sure, do you want me as seraphim or normal orihime?

3/26, 4:05pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
||Seraphim/Orginal Orihime, won't matter just as long as you feel comfortable.

3/26, 4:07pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
[[oh ok just i like to ask if you have a preference in that case I will have to surprise him hehe
*she looked at him as he was fully restored where they stood high on the rooftops, he can sense power from this human girl he never had before. Her hair had grown very long with the last 10 inches blonde blowing in the breeze. She had 6 wings,*
*he was back to segunda etpa like right before he died and she started into those eyes and spread out her wings*

• So....I saved you Ulquiorra...

3/26, 4:36pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*Still un-afraid like always she looked at him* Are you ok Ulquiorra? I know this must have come as a surprise to you.

3/26, 4:37pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"From Death...Why Do you Humans Fear the Inevitable Crawl of Death?...These Burdens We've carried through time...they represent the Depicted Age and Growth...the truth behind Death itself is illusive, slowly deprived of our own meaning, we fear the unknown..." ~Ulquiorra's Muted Glare Pierced Orihime's Statement Unaware, Yet Sensed the Array of Emotional Suspense Ceaselessly Cradling the Two Beings Under a Crystallized Moon. Perhaps the Illusive nature of Humans wasn't so deceiving after all. "Perhaps this is the reason you 'Fear' or 'Love'. This Heart you have, is the reason you save your own opposition in the form of True Despair Is it not?..." Irises of Pure Green Bio luminescence Purifying the Young Females Statement Depicting his Appreciation, and Nodded slightly. "Yes.."

3/26, 4:47pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*She still looked him deep in the eyes, her companions had parted from her.* I do not fear death, for I have transcended it in a way perhaps you can't understand. I am awakened in a way I never have been before. *she opened her six wings wide before him so he could see them.* I have my heart still and it is why I could not let you die, you are different from the others. I want you to understand the heart, this thing of mine I know you hold in your hands without even being aware of it.

3/26, 4:48pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
And yes, the "heart" because of that I could not let you die..

3/26, 5:00pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"I see..your Motives Transcend from the Caring Nature you Arbor in Your Mind and Heart...I believe I understand you..even if by a mere Thought" ~Ulquiorrea glances slightly lower baring Witness Amoung The Truthfulness of her Words. Within Moments, His Eyes Began to Trail the very Being of Her Existence. Analytical Characteristics Assisted in his Understanding of Life Forms and Strategic Elements.

3/26, 5:08pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*The silver and golden armor bikini styled adorned her body. Her hair still kissing the the wind, as he analyzed her further he saw her once solid grew eyes had specs of gold in them now, she stabbed her two large swords to the ground and they returned to their precious form, those hairpins.* So, you realize what I am don't you? But I am still half human. As your turned to ashes when I brushed your finger tips it awakened in me, this power. For some reason my desire for you to live was to strong. I still do not understand how I got it, but the rest of them left me here, afraid of me and by order of the soul society..

3/26, 5:09pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*a single tear ran down her soft rosey cheek*

3/26, 5:36pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
~A Single Gasp Softly Decorated Ulquiorra's Lips Upon Hearing Soul Society's Abandonment of This Heavenly Sentinel Bathed In Gold. Invaded by Muted Rays of The Crystalline Moon, He had began Processing Consequences of their Decision, Would Her Life of Being Dedicated for Soul Society arbor a hatred for those who she once held so Dear? Yet, instantaneous, he began to question his very thoughts of sentiment. "Abandonment perhaps...What will you do now..?" Ulquiorra's Body Posture had Rearranged, facing in her direction.

3/26, 5:43pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she walked closer to him, right up to him till they were right in front of each other. Her eyes let out more tears that ran down though she tried to stop them. She looked up at him and answered* I....I do not know, I am half human I can't be in heaven nor with my friends an longer, there is no doubt squad 12 would want to experiment on my body, plus they fear me I don't totally get why...

3/26, 5:51pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Ulquiorra's hand Grazed the Young Females Cheek Softly, A Small Sigh had escaped through Words as he had spoken silently. "Your Friends...I don't believe they have abandoned you for the simplicity of their safety as well as yours..." "You see...Their humanity restricts any selfishness they may seem to have been confused to have.." ~His Head lowered slighty, his hollowed hand placed above her heart. "It's not you...or them..and they will never truly abandon you.."

3/26, 6:00pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she took hold of his hand, like she was happy that she finally could without it becoming ashes before her eyes and looks at him* I don't think you quite understand they were all quite clear about it, especially Kurosaki-kun. They knew my and want to bring you back so for that they also hate me. I do not plan on it. My life in the world of the living is gone Ulquiorra...

3/26, 6:15pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"Well then..." Ulquiorra's Expression had Alternated, accepting this new reality beyond his very own. "As Espada...we Embrace our Realities, Thus Beneficially Moulding Our Futures while Relentlessly Ignoring our Past...Our Futures However...The Availability of Altering your Future is Limitless...You choose Your Destiny Now.." The Green Bio Luminescent Irises of his Eyes Glimmered Promises of a kind futures transcendence.

3/26, 6:22pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
**she could drown in those eyes of his, the eyes she once hated so much, but she had fell into them, like falling into a deep vastness ocean of green and there was no going back, she wanted to stay there forever. She looked at him and said* I feel like my heart...*reaches and touches his chest* is now yours...

3/26, 6:41pm

3/26, 6:42pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Ulquiorra had become Speechless,it's as if these emotions and tears of hers had pierced his organs. His silence had substituted for the heart that began to beat inside of his chest. Even as an Espada....began to feel the humanity growth inside of his Mind and Body. His arms lay in a trainquil position around her. There was no fear anymore. "I see..." His head lay with hers silently.

3/26, 6:43pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
||And no worries, Miss Orihime.

3/26, 6:45pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//so you are ok with more.....adult rp too then? hehe taking that as a yes before I tpye anything else hehe

3/26, 6:52pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
||But of course, Miss Hime. Remember, I follow along with your Comfort as I mentioned.~

3/26, 6:54pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
((well then you should know something then to be blunt, I am a very very naughty bad girl who loves ERP and I love your detailed answers, and feel free to try and tame me if you can Ulquiorra-san))

3/26, 6:56pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
**she lifted his chin and looked back into those green orbs and kissed him on his lips, her rosey cheeks turning a bit red. She had thoughts she never did before but she looked back at her time as his captor and realized, maybe she liked him tying her down to force her to eat her meals in her subconscious mind**

3/26, 7:03pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Ulquiorra's Eyes had become somewhat subdued by the current motion of her gentle lips Embracing and caressing his own. A new feeling had been brewing inside of him, though unexplainable. His arms lay wrapped around her waist keeping his Body a graze upon her own. Perhaps this new feeling would help express the way He had fallen for her as well. The thought of intimacy between the two had pushed him into her arms eventually causing varied thoughts of her to cross his mind.

3/26, 7:14pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*Her friends really did leave her there, but she did not care anymore, she was an angel nor fallen, nor above, but bound to the earth. Bun in this dimension she wanted to stay with him and explore the thoughts and feelings she had been feeling. She had matured, she had no school boy crush like she did for Kurosaki-kun This was something else much deeper. Any other girl would be terrified having him, especially in his second release state but she found him beautiful in her own way, she broke the kiss to look at him* Ulquiorra, I want to stay here with you, no where else. I understand now what I did not then...I have special feelings for your I do not totally understand but we can understand them if we dare go there

3/26, 7:56pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His Green Bio Luminescent Eyes Greeted her own as she Revealed her truth of intimacy being bound in a deserted and forgotten realm harboring nothing but the simple pair of beings expressing a new emotion. "Orihime...you accept this new reality...with one such as myself...?" His voiced echoed reassuringly through to her mind, as his facial expression relied on her current state.

3/26, 8:04pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she looked at him and nodded her head, she had wanted this forever now it seemed, him, his touch, his scent, his everything, she wanted it all. She had never kissed before, she just realized he was her first kiss and that made her happy, thoughts of Kurosaki all gone, she knew he liked Rukia anyway. She lay her head on his chest* Yes Ulquiorra....I do want this though I never experienced it myself but it feels so right with you....so yes,...

3/26, 8:18pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His hand gentley brushed against the young females Hair as the thoughts of lifetime memories had faded into brisk ice cold glaciers...painful to understand and accept. His lips had been placed on her head in complete silence in reassurance. "Then I...will accompany you...in this new life you've accepted...Orihime." His hollow heart had seemed to overflow with her name buried and eched inside.

3/26, 8:28pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she smiled at him again her own heart felt warm, like a summer's day. Huecoc Mundo was her home now as far as she was concerned. She folded back her six wings and they faded into two much smaller ones and her hair back to its normal length. Her hairpins returned to their normal blue color and she had back on her arancar dress that was still tattered from the whole battle. She thought to herself how ironic, a devil and an angel coming together in a sense, but she did not see him as a devil, she knew why she was never afraid of him. It was because she felt this way all along and did not get it till now.* Well the castle we have free reign over now...

3/26, 8:32pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she kissed him again just to taste him, and this time it was longer more passionate*

3/26, 8:37pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue

3/26, 8:38pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"Of Course...mi-" His eyes had fixated on her as her lips had embraced his passionately. His emptiness had faded into pleasure for he had become loved and accepted unexpectedly yet admirably. His lips had followed hers rhythmically and in a comfortably soft caressing motion with arms across her waistline leading toward her back.

3/26, 8:48pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*When she finally broke the kiss she looked at him and giggled wondering what he was going to say before she had interrupted his words with the kiss, she was blushing now quite a bit, but she loved his taste, the scent of him, his tail wrapping around her in fun ways, she never let those type of thoughts into her mind until now. She looked up at the pale moon and it was a happy thing to see, although the place reminded her a lot of where she had to watch Kurosaki kill him, she shook away those thoughts and she looked at him, wanting him to take her, like a thief in the night, take her away to parts of the castle she never saw* So, all I ever saw of the rooms was my cell, I would imagine your room is much nicer inside it...

3/26, 8:50pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she thought maybe he would just grab her in his arms and fly her away to anyplace but the battleground*

3/26, 9:01pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Ulquiorra had split a calm grin across his lips. In the distance he had notioned an index finger pointing out the location of a castle relatively void of any being yet seemed to have been occupied by the Arrancar and Espada. His arms lay to rest around her unique figure as he had spoken in soft tones. "The main location...a room of feast and relaxation...simple dining room..you'd call it.." His smile faded into a soft yet clear chuckle, the terms he began to use seemed unlike him to use..but he enjoyed it.

3/26, 9:09pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she liked seeing him look what seemed like happiness spread over him for a change. She felt at peace in her ex-captor's arms. Although as far as she was concerned he now held something else captive, her heart* Alright, I will go wherever you plan to take me. *a little grin went across her face*

3/26, 9:27pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
As the wings of a demon had lifted them into the atmosphere of a crystalline moon, his body lay protectived with her own, having been on there way into the castle, it's vast pillars and guarded walls proposed a conclusive theory of an enormous space between the halls and rooms of which reside inside. Dining room of negotiations where they were headed historically explained a story of it's very own. Very elegant and reserved inhumans weren't so beastly as most humans presumed.

3/26, 9:31pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she followed him down those white walls that she always felt lacked color and desperately needed a paint job. It felt so different walking next to him this way and not like in the past going back and forth on Aizen's command* So I assume this is a special place then, I never got to see it *she smiled at him*

3/26, 9:38pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*So many thoughts were going through her head as she walked with him there. She did not know totally what to expect only what she was taught in school and what her friends would mutter. This was on a whole other level, even if she was half seraphim she was still half human and that human girl inside her made her mind race excited but scared in a way but not of him, she thought so many naughty thoughts all of a sudden that rushed over her mind when she thought of him especially in his segunda etapa form. He was like a dark prince that took her away from it all, the weight of the living human world had faded from her mind now, and he was her only thought*

3/26, 9:45pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
As they waded among the walls of pure white, his armed rested around her waist, as she was the one to accept him, he would accept her so he began treating her as a new Queen. "Indeed...there are various rooms and corridors...but I'll have you lead the way...to make everything interesting.." He grinned slightly and held his hand out infront of the two, gesturing a continuation. "It's best if I allow you...to explore..." He followed as his head lay rest on her shoulder from behind. He had gained a sense of comfort from this.

3/26, 9:55pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*His Queen, yes she felt that way, and he was now the king of Hueco Mundo the strongest being there so no other arancar or hollow dare rise against either of them, they went down the different rooms and she just picked one off to the left side and opens the door pulling him inside playfully. It had a red carpet and was furnished beautifully withs canopy bed with black silk over it and black silk sheets. There was plenty of room and a large window that showed the pale moon. It was more beautiful than any fancy room she had seen in the human world. * Wow its....beautiful....

3/26, 9:57pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she looked at him* I never there was such things in this castle, I thought it all looked like my cell, she laughed a bit*

3/26, 10:03pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
He consciously had fallen into a playfulness he had never experienced before, the room, the atmosphere and here gazing at the moonlight. His well being had connected to her, hid laughter, smiles, had all come from her acceptance of him. He held her hand firmly as they gazed out into the almost complete scenery of what would become a memory they would look back at and adore. "This....is your new home...miss orihime..." He muzzled his nose against her cheek calmly and laughed softly.

3/26, 10:14pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she smiled and never felt more alive before in her life. One minute she was like every other 17 year old going to high school and now those things did not matter, she would never age with her seraphim power. She Muzzled him back on his check and then followed it with kiss on his cheek. she never thought this would happen. The room had an outside balcony and wine sitting on the table like it was meant to be there she wraps her arms around him and hugs him resting her head on his chest again and so happy and then she thought what would happen in this room she would never forget* I am so glad that this is my new home...so happy...and I will live her with you afterall you are basically the leader now *she giggles*

3/26, 10:21pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Ulquiorra's cheeks had actually begun to fade a light pink, perhaps this let him know everything was finally right. He lifted his chin softly down on her head and asked gently, "Miss orihime...what do you think our offspring...will develop into?" He laughed softly.

3/26, 10:25pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*her eyes went wide for a second, but then looked eased, she smiled at him then and she blushed and then whispered in his ear:* I think...as strong as their father and the kindness of me. *she then looked at him again* But I am not sure what they would be physically but I am definitely curious.

3/26, 10:30pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she was still nervous being a virgin and all but she wanted to start letting out the feelings she had with him and let him have her body and heart, she kissed him again, deeply while she flung her arms around his shoulders*

3/26, 10:40pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
He had nodded sofly in reply to what she had stated, his eyes began to ease up, and his mind relaxed though. Understanding the way she felt as bew of an experience this was. His feelings toward her seemed to be driving him to expose a hidden emotion. Yet, it had been much more to him than love, but legacy. Qnd it would begin with them. His tail caressed her back gently as she flung her arms over his shoulders and enveloped her lips onto his. This part of him, felt human.

3/26, 10:46pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she kept kissing him and she felt chills up her spine, good ones when he caressed her back with his tail, he heard her let out a whisper of a moan in his mouth when he did that, she wondered where he would do with her now, her mind was racing as was her heartbeat with happiness for him, she was all his*

3/26, 10:57pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His eyes peeked through the lashes of his eyelids and heard the sound of her from deep within, this became somewhat of a necessity for his ears. He allowed his tongue to dance smoothly across her own, grazing the hidden side of this young orihime he though he knew inside and out. His hand seemed to add grip to her waist as if being tempted, he knew that this felt right.

3/26, 11:02pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*She stopped the kiss and looked at him smiling with a lust in her eyes she never felt but it could be seen* Mmm that felt good it felt like electricity up my back in a good way of course....*she held him closer as he held her, her breasts pushing against his bare chest, only thing between was the fabric of her arancar uniform, her body screamed inside wanting him although she still did not understand it all, but knew she wanted him forever, and she was his forever*

3/26, 11:10pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
He Grinned gently and chuckled very softly to words spoken to him, "Electricity..." The thought in his head grew to a assumption. Perhaps he should go a bit further on interaction. Slowly, allowing his tail to trail and trace the curves of her body, he led his hips down from her gentle rosey cheek to her warm smooth neck begging him to taste. His fingers slowly tugging at the crevices of her dress hoping for it to detach in order to expose her skin to his touch.

3/26, 11:18pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*it was already ripped ant tattered so it did not take much for it to start to shed off of her, it ripped enough to where her breasts came free from their prison and her bare chest was infront of him now, she blushed that was the first time any male had seen her naked chest* So...do you like what you see Ulquiorra? *she grinned at him*

3/26, 11:25pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
A slight gasp emanated from from his lips as his mouth remianed open admiring the beauty of his love. "So this...is what I've...Been missing out on....as well.." He caressed her breast gently and tugged at the tips teasingly."The female body..." he chuckled lightly and began to lick gentley passed her neck while allowing his fingers to glide across her legs. "Oh my..."

3/26, 11:30pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she felt those electric feelings again go through her, but she liked it now...* Yes this is what you have been missing out on....and this body of mine ...its all yours *she smiled and let out another little moan as he touched her breasts, that sound was like music to his ears, she looked over at the bed and back at him grinning*

3/26, 11:32pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she loved how he took his time with her making her want of him even more, and she felt a strange feeling in her core she never felt this ache before*

3/26, 11:47pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
He laughed quietly again and followed her gaze behind them leading to the bed. He then began to smirk and lead her over to the promising cushions beckoning their bodies. He trailed his fingers down between her legs and spread them slowly while leaning in to taste this new treat of hers. His tongue rubbed across this unique area of gentle skin, and slipped inside slowly, as he begins to let out soft moans to accompany the motions.

3/26, 11:53pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*its like her naked body now lying on the bed went totally numb for a second as he did this, she never felt such a thing but it felt amazing and she loved it, she gripped the sheets while his tongue explored her core, she let out a louder moan louder than he heard this far and bit her lip letting him explore her excited at what would come next*

3/27, 12:02am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she said silently.....* Ulqiorra, *moaning his name softly*

3/27, 12:20am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she craved more of him* mmmm do you like it:? *she said between soft moans*

3/27, 12:22am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
Upon hearing her moan loudly, he kissed it one last time before allowing his tail to thrust inside multiple times. His hands rubbed her thighs and gripped as his tongue glided gentley from between her legs to her stomach then chest, He kissed her breast and slowly put her nipple inside of his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip and slowly began to suck on her while continually gripping her thighs and thrusting an eager tail inside. "Indeed..Miss Orihime..Mmm..." His body had fallen in sync with her own, as the warmth had built up causing a spark of lust to engulf the two~

3/27, 12:32am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she moaned loudly filling the room making an echo as she felt his tail have its way with her inside. It felt amazing and made her core more wet with each thrust of his tail, she ran her hand through his raven colored hair as he enjoyed her nipple in his mouth. She grabbed the sheets tigher with her other hand and he could feel her heartbeat raise more as her breathing god a litle faster, she only wondered what could possibly be better, what had he in store for he next, She spoke to him between moans* Ohhh Ulquiorra......I did not know I could feel that way...mmmmm...

3/27, 12:42am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His tail slowly pulled out as he continued to suck teasingly on her nipple while groping the other breast. He leaned in a bit further and plunged something warmer and heavier inside of her slowly dripping womb. "Is this...comfortable.." He asked seductively while slowly pumping it in and out at a steady pace. His free hand gentley glided down to massage her smooth backside allowing him to softly push her onto him even deeper, "This is....quite new...miss hime.." He thrusted even harder and gripped behind on her even harder, while pinching the tips of her nipples in a soft manner~

3/27, 12:49am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*her eyes went wide and words left her as she felt him enter her, a tear went down her soft cheek because it was her first time doing such a thing, she felt her once virgin blood roll down her onto the sheets, she did her best to answer him through being almost overwhelmed in a good way* ....U..Ulquiorra...it hurts a bit but I do not think it will ....for long...I heard about this when....you first do this....

3/27, 12:51am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*but her words soon to pleasurable moans very loud ones especially when he went all the way pushing her into him, she moaned his name loudly gripping his back her harms brushing between his wings*

3/27, 1:18am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*looks at him panting*

3/27, 1:27am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"I'll soften up...a bit..I understand there...is a little bit of pain.." He moaned in whispers as he spoke, continually humping her in rhythmic motion yet softly and slowly enjoying the warm walls of skin pushing against him. He began to turn her over gently and mounted her smooth yet plush behind, groping her breast hidden by the sheets and begins humping again in sync with her motions. His kisses trailing from her back to the back of her neck letting out a gentle whisper."I'll have you...take control...over me..." he winked at her blushing face~

3/27, 1:36am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she felt every thrust and she was now in ecstasy of him. She was happy she gave herself to him, and he alone would be the one to have her forever. She was panting very hard now in between her moans that probably could be heard throughout the white walls outside. His kisses felt like pelts of electric rain and she loved his scent, his body against hers over and over again. She grinned and wanted to repay the bliss she just gave to him when he asked her to take over.* Yes...I will gladly take over, I think you will enjoy it *she smiled at him*

3/27, 1:42am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*Once he pulled away from her she pulled him onto the black satin sheets still panting from the pleasure* I really loved that *she smiled and rolled him on his back, his wings hanging over each side of the bed. She first climbed on top of him crawled up his body and whispered* I love you Ulquiorra....I know what real love feels like to me now...*She kisses his lips softly and then planted kisses down his body followed by her trailing hands until she reached his throbbing stiffness and she started to gently flick it with her tongue and then slide it into her mouth and slide it farther and farther past her lips until she had his whole length and started to slowly move her mouth up and down on him*

3/27, 1:54am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
"It's true...I love the...simplicity of...us..and how we...merge.." He spoke in Moans Translated through soft whispers as his left hand gripped and tugged the sheets, his free hand rubbed her head gently as she trailed down his body and stiffened him up with the luscious salivating mouth she wrapped around him, grunting in pure satisfaction at each motion of her head and tongue."So...This is what...it feels like...to admire...one's body..." his grip on the sheets had remained stationary, His teeth clenched as the pleasure elevated throughout his entire body. His chest began to curve in a little to motion a comforting bend upon her mouths motion.

3/27, 2:05am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*After she had taken him down her throat several times, she stopped and raised her head leaving a trail of her saliva that broke when she lifted up her head enough and she looked at him, as she climbed back up his body she spoke to him* Yes this is indeed how you admire one's body, to love someone's body Ulquiorra. *she was now back on top of him and she straddled his body one leg on each side of him and she looked him deep in the eyes and asked* I wonder...if it is even possible for a human/seraphim and espada to even conceive children,? But I want to find that out since I want to always stay with you. *she then started kissing his neck very passionately while teasing him by rubbing her wet core against the base of his stiffness..wondering how he will react before she goes further.*

3/27, 2:17am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*he could feel her hard nipples against him as she kept kissing his neck, and nibbling on it gently, she'd do anything he asked her she thought as she teased his hardness more and her core was dripping wet, she thought what else would he do with that long tail*

3/27, 2:26am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
He began to hold his breath for as long as he possibly could, he'd never let out such a soundful moan, but ever touch of her nipple, womb, Lips and tongue had driven the inner voice of him to be released. His tail free to roam non-hesitantly wrapped around her thigh and plunged into the other end of her. As she teased him with her womb, he busted out with a moan of complete satisfaction as she kissed and nibbled on him. "It...feels so...good inside...of you..I must say..." his moanful words followed the glimpse of his eyes onto her smooth skin.

3/27, 2:37am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she grinned* I am glad it...feels just as good to me ..that I promise you, but you haven't seen it all yet, *another grinned grazed her face and she felt his tail wrap around her and enter her and she moaned out joyfully as he did so, as far as she was concerned her body was his. A short time later she planted another kiss on his lips and then lifted her her body up and slid herself down over his hardness, slowly sliding down until he was all the way into her womb yet again, and she started to ride up and down on him slowly at first but picked up the pace, her curvy large breasts started to bounce up and down with her, she leaned back a bit reaching her arms behind her and resting them on his legs. she moaned loudly feeling him impale her in this way*

3/27, 2:48am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His expression had become even more intense, the way she kissed him aroused ever sense in his body, but he soon realized he had slowly impaled her, his head begun to rise slowly in the pure satisfied state of her motions. "Oh my~...!" As she begun to ride her while increasing the pace, he held her waistline with one of his hands, and a thigh with the other. As he examined the way her breast bounced gracefully, his eyes and mouth seemed to stay open fixated on her every motion.

3/27, 2:56am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she cried out his name in a way he never heard it called* Ulquiorra!!!!...feels so....a..amazing!*she rode him wildly at this point, all 3pairs of her white feathered wings appeared and opened fully apparently from the excitement since she did not summon, he hair grew out long way down over the bed, she looked so beautiful, like a butterfly being set free, after a little more she was crazed with lust in her eyes, she grabbed his body leaning forward with him still inside her and flipped over on her back pulling him on top of her, something primal and wild came out of her as she kept moaning, and wanting to look into those eyes of his*

3/27, 2:58am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she wanted to see how must lust she could awaken in him, awaken his aggression but in a lustful primal way..*
*she spoke barely able to* Take me...I am your prey...* she said panting as she kissed him deeply her core soaking with him still in her as she looked up into his eyes*

3/27, 3:11am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
His breathing had sped up along with hers as he spoke through gasps of breath. "I won't...disappoint you...miss...orihime♡..." He moaned as she occupied his lips with the lustful nature of temptation inside of his mouth and on his lips. Now that he was on top, he spread her knees apart and lay them over his back as he slapped it stiffly onto her womb teasingly and controlling, his hand began to softly slap her breasts as he thrusted and impaled her from both sides with the use of his tail as well. And watched as her elegant body had fallen into a trance of motion against his. Her moans had increased his stiffness and thickness.

3/27, 3:26am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*It was almost to much, her body trembled under him as she hugged him snuggly with her legs around him. She was in a trance of loud moans and primal desire overwhelm her being to the core. She showed she was not afraid to play roughly. She reached her arms down his back as far as she could and drug her nails back up his back all the way up through the space between his wings drawling blood. She loved him dominated her body the way he did.* Oh Ulquiorra.....mmmm*is all she could get out as she kissed his neck biting a little bit harder till she left her mark on him cutting a little bit enough to taste his very essence of life. She kicked the blood blood her lip and then kissed him deeper than ever wrapping her arms around his neck. This was a side of herself she never thought could exist, but he let it out. She then squeezed his stiffness with her walls giving him a whole new feeling*

3/27, 3:35am
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
The very motion of her squeezing him while inside, had caused him to squirt inside of her a little bit with cheeks glowing a bright red. As her nails had crawled across his back and her teeth had revealed his essence, he snuggled his body firmly with hers and began to suck on her neck as it felt so elegant and smooth. His hands then squeezed her breast firmly and often, this had kept him extremely stiff was the very touch of her gentleness in areas of pure bliss. The noise made by his humping proved to show just how intensely admirable love had become.

3/27, 3:45am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
*she liked how she drove him crazy like a wild stallion. She moaned loudly and kept screaming his name as if the planet could here it. She was lost in everything about him. She felt him thrust deep inside her womb and how much she loved it. She forgot earlier the fight that ensued with him and her ex-companions. He was her companion now, and a special one. She felt him start to suck on her neck and a grin went across her face as if she wondered if he would bite her back with that Espada aggression. Her nipples were hard as stones at this point it felt good when he would aggressively squeeze them with his hands, she wondered what his tail may do to them. if his hands felt that good.

3/27, 4:13am
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//I just saw your post that you need to get some rest, I really enjoyed it all so far, its amazing and I am loving it, you are a very skilled RPer. I look forward to the next chapter, you got me hooked so hope we can continue tomorrow. heart emoticon Well later today where I am hehe
• March 27

3/27, 2:04pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//Goood afternoon smile emoticon

3/27, 2:15pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
~Good afternoon Miss Orihime~

3/27, 2:20pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//I hope you enjoyed the RP we started as I did. You are great at it, I hope you are enjoying me too, it really felt like I was in the story and I hope its something we can continue and keep going as a continuing story into the future if you like me as a role playing friend?
//Ulquiorra-sama smile emoticon

3/27, 2:26pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//and friend in general of course hhaha

3/27, 2:27pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
~I admit, this has been extremely memorable especially for an Rp. You definitely have me hooked on having you as an Rp Partner, especially since your intellect astounds me. I appreciate your time, and would like you to know to know that staying in character is one of your Best traits. So thank you again miss hime~

3/27, 2:37pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
// Well arigato Ulquiorra-sama, I do love it very much to role play, and so it looks like we are both hooked then it seems and I am so glad that you feel the same way. Thank you for the compliment, I try to become the character in my mind and it means a lot to me and I am glad I have found you as my new RP partner and friend, so from thus on I will stay go back to character, I believe we have unfinished business Ulquiorra *grins*

3/27, 2:42pm
Ulquiorra Murciélago Cifer
My pleasure, and of course it is quite difficult to maintain stance in such a varied Role, And oh my~

3/27, 2:54pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//Oh my indeed, what a moment we stopped in, so I will just take it from there if you think you can just jump back into where we left off Ulquiorra-sam?

3/27, 3:05pm
Orihimè Rose Inònue
//Or the next morning waking up besides each other, whichever works for me, just ideas. *smiles*

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April 24th, 2016

07:59 pm - Legend of Samoon -Samoon Caught
She faced him eyes locked on as she held the blade with both hands. Landing before her he folded back his demonic wings and with an evil grin locked his gaze upon her.

“Samoon, I have come for you, you will come back to my castle with me, you can make it easy or difficult, it’s up to you.”

With that he drew his sword and took a step towards her.

“Diamond, what are you talking about? How dare you come here and demand me like that. You forget whose planet this is!”

“That doesn’t concern me in the least Samoon, not anymore, I know things you don’t, things are going to change around here, now that the dark gryphon is aiding me, you have no chance.”

Diamond walked up to her until he was inches away and whispered in her ear in a cold tone. “You will belong to me very soon my goddess and there won’t be anything you can do about it.”

With that Samoon stabbed her sword straight into his gut and his black blood began to spill. “Never, not in a million lifetimes.” She whispered back to him.

Diamond looked down at his wound and just smiled as he grabbed the sword from her and pulled it out and tossed it off the balcony. “That will no longer work my goddess.”

Looking quite shocked Samoon stepped back against the wall. With nowhere to go and no one to help her she knew she was stuck. She could feel a solitary tear begin to roll down her soft cheek. It was then she opened her white-feathered wings and quickly flew up over Diamond taking off from the balcony to the sky. In a panic she flew as fast as she could.

“What a beautiful day to hunt little goddesses.” Diamond said as he took out a crossbow type weapon only it was smaller and was an injection of black cobra venom in it that he had milked from the serpent earlier. Cocking the crossbow he flew after her.

By now she was making her way into the clouds to reach the portal to heaven it was the only place left she could think to get away from him. But just as she was about to ascend through the portal, the spirit form of the dark gryphon materialized before her and with a flap of his wings and a ear-piercing screech, caused her to be blown far away the power of his wings was equivalent to a hurricane.

Diamond had caught up to her and he began to make his way towards her as she regained herself after the gust. “Samoon you’ve been very naughty just wait until I catch you.”

Samoon had begun to get tired and Diamond began to close in. Lifting the crossbow he aimed it at her and fired. The spear hit her directly in the back. She screamed stopping in mid air, arching her back in pain and the fast acting venom was already doing its job. She began to fall from the sky and Diamond dived down after her.

Catching the goddess in his powerful arms he flew back to his castle with her. When he returned, he made his way to his bedroom. He laid her on his king size bed that was covered in black satin sheets. He chained her wrists to the frame of the bed and then paused as he looked over her perfect body. With a smirk on his face he took off her corset exposing her perfectly round breasts and then slid off her skirt and panties ever so slowly. Her stomach was perfectly toned and hips perfectly rounded.

He then left her there to let the venom wear off. He made his way downstairs and on the way there saw Clive. “Your back you must have caught her am I right?”

Diamond just smiled and nodded and went to his thrown room and sat upon it. He sat there thinking about how beautiful and perfect Samoon was, but there were other thoughts going through his mind, thoughts that he didn’t know he would have. Although his lust alone for her was intense, she did something more to him, he began thinking he had real feelings for her, something a savage god of darkness shouldn’t have.

Then the dark crystal began to glow and the dark gryphon appeared before Diamond in the flesh. Diamond stood to greet him.

“My lord, wonderful to see you, I have her at last.” Diamond said.

The gryphon’s cold yellow eyes looked to Diamond. “Good Diamond, at long last you have her. You know what this means now and what must be done. You will impregnate her and she will carry your son who will be able to overthrow heaven since he will be immune to light power thanks to Samoon. It’s such a perfect plan. I’m sure you will enjoy the virgin goddess, so innocent and untouched, not for long.” He laughed evilly.

“After she has the child then what becomes of her?” Diamond asked

“And what does that matter? We only need her for this one purpose then you will kill her.”

“Kill her? But why my lord, I want to keep her.”

“What for Diamond, to torture and keep as a toy? Its better she dies so she won’t try anything, not that it will matter once your son is born.”

At this point Diamond was mad, but kept his mouth shut for he knew if the dark gryphon knew how he was starting to feel about her there would be quite a bit of trouble.

“Just be happy you get to ravage her first, when I’m done with her she will be torn to the extreme.”

“What do you mean by that gryphon!? “

“Oh well after you impregnate her fetus needs my seed as well to give him full power.”

“You won’t touch her she’s mine!” He blurted out.

“What did you just say to me? It’s almost as if you actually have feelings for her, how sickening. Now that I know that I will make sure she suffers!” and with that the gryphon faded and taking out his anger Diamond punched a stone statue with his bare fist shattering it.

“What am I thinking that goddess is putting me under her spell urgh I must fight it.”

Diamond made it back up to his room and came to find Samoon awake and in tears.

“Diamond, how dare you! What do you think you are doing why am I naked!?”

“Because I’m going to take you tonight Samoon you will bare my son.” He said in a cold tone as he removed his cape and armor revealing his perfect muscular toned body.

Samoon began crying loudly trying to struggle out of the chains. “No! Never you will NEVER touch me Diamond and especially not in that way!”

Diamond walked up to the bed and crawled atop her. “And how do you really think you can stop me? You will like it better Samoon if you don’t struggle. You’ll like it Samoon I promise.” He said as he ran his hands across her breasts stroking her nipple with his fingers.

“I’ll never like it, I’m a virgin goddess!”

Diamond just laughed at her “Well you seem to like it your nipples are quite firm enough, and as for being a virgin goddess well that will change quite soon my dear. Really though Samoon, relax, give yourself to me I have wanted you since the day I saw you.”

He leaned in and kissed her deeply, at first she resisted and pulled away, and so Diamond began to kiss her neck ever so softly. Samoon closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy it for a time, and then she turned her head to him and kissed him.

As her tongue entwined with his she couldn’t believe what she was doing although it was against everything, she too felt something for him, although she didn’t want to admit it. Diamond then stood up and took off his pants until he only wore his black boxers.

Samoon then seemed to snap out of what she saw as only lust.

“Forgive me mother in heaven; I won’t let him do this to me!”

“Samoon, they can’t hear you, none of them can, your trying my patience.” He said walking to a small chest that he opened it slowly taking out a small dagger that had a silver blade that had a handle made from dragon fangs. He then walked back to her the dagger in hand.

“What are you doing with that!?” She shouted.

“I need some of your blood Samoon, I must consume it so your light power won’t affect me when I make love to you.” He sat on the side of the bed with the dagger in one hand and a goblet in the other hand.

Samoon began to cry again as she violently thrashed about. “No, Diamond, you bastard! I swear I will kill you!”

“Oh so much anger for such a small goddess.” He said as he ran the razor sharp blade down her chest teasingly but not actually cutting her yet, he ran it down her side and pushing the blade to her skin sliced her side open letting the golden colored blood flow into the cup. Samoon screamed out violently.

When it was full Diamond took his fingers running it over the wound and it closed up right away. Putting the cup to his lips he drank her blood slowly, as if he actually enjoyed it. When he was done he licked his lips as he gave her a cold stare.

The clear night outside began to grow cloudy and dark as rain clouds settled in. Removing his boxers he once again climbed atop the goddess pressing himself playfully against her, as his reptile like tongue caressed her neck. Samoon began to tear, as she knew there was nothing she could do now.

“You feel that Samoon? See what you do to me?” He said in a low voice as his erection rubbed against her teasingly.

“Oh please no Diamond; please don’t take that from me!” She shouted.

Diamond had held her arms down firmly. Next, with one violent motion slammed him self into her. Samoon screamed louder then ever as she felt him rip into her. She could feel blood trickle down her onto the satin sheets, as she was no longer a virgin. By now a violent storm raged outside as thunder boomed and lightning illuminated the room.

She felt the tears running down her cheeks and he then kissed her deeply as he continued to ravage her. He was not done by any means and wanted to make it much worse for her as being able to shapeshift into a dragon at will in any degree his horns on his head grew more and as his spread his dragon wings his tail appeared he could morph it at will. He wrapped it up around her breast squeezing it and he smiled at her as she became even more fearful.

“Samoon you should get used to this as well as my cock since you belong to me now.”
He took his tail morphing the tip he proceded to sodomise her with it and she screamed out loudly. He just laughed and said

“You will have my son and this is only the beginning for you Samoon, I promise much worse, so much for being the virgin goddess.”

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January 25th, 2008

07:52 pm - Also...
I am afraid for my safety since his stupid cousin is in a gang so if anything is to happen to me they are responsible...

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07:37 pm - Free but shaken
I feel free, I can't really describe it. He is gone, I know it is something that should have been done a long time ago, but I just don't know what I was hanging onto. Maybe it was the fact that he was there for me through my kidney transplant, but that doesn't excuse the mental and emotional abuse he put me through. I finally got him back and I can't look back even though I have slipped up before I musn't do it again.

He owed me money for a cash a advance that I took out for him he paid it back last time but I told him that last time that no more would I be doing it, and yet this time he expected me to do it. I knew this was my only way out from a never ending trap of taking out advances for him when I didn't really want to especially sicne hey way he had been treating me in the past week,

I won't get into it in detail since I don't feel like it right now, but, he would call me a bitch if i complained about something and im "bitching" if I don't agree with everything he does. I am a good person with a good heart and he exploited that, to it for granted, I even knew in my heart it was all wrong and I knew I didn't really love this man, pshh more like little boy who couldn't get his life together. I knew I had to end it. Good and for all. The night before I had this horribly feeling in my stomach, I knew something horrible was going to happen and it did.

So we go to the check advance place and his stupid cousin and his cousin's girlfriend who is a bitch, was there and I don't even care. As soon as he handed me that 300 dollars I took it and payed it and he wanted me to take another advance out. I had no intention of doing so and I paid it and din't feel bad since I had a written promisary note that we both signed saying he owed me ON 1/25/08 so I was done with it all. I paid it and whe I came out he kicked my car and they took off. I had some nice people inside that were nice and saw what happend, and well the cash place lepy that note in my file so he can't say ANYTHING. I'm done.
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January 21st, 2008

06:58 pm - Im still alive
Well god lets see so much has happend in my life since my last entry. I have changed a lot. Brian and I are still together. My kidney is working fine thankfuly I have started my second semester of school the goal is x-ray tech but now that I am taking psych 1A I will see how I like it if I like it enough I just might go into being a psychologist like I oringally planned.

My cousin Warren that lives in Sac and I are getting to know ethother I haden;t seen him since I was little and now it feels good to re-connect. I miss the fact I didn't get to grow up with him but my uncle back then was messed up on drugs but hes all clean now and he has a 5 year old my little coursin Angela who I love so very much.

She is the sweetest thing. I hope to see more of them now. I have even thought about moving out there. Last weekend Brian and I drove up there and stayed with them for the weekend it was so fun. We all got smashed and Brian and Warren bet eachother on a game of dominos ten bucks. Brian won. It was good fun.

It was a nice escape from being here. I still need a vacation. My car is in the shop for the next three days which will suck, my bumper is being re-painted since the paint job warrenty is a lifetime one. It was re-painted last summer since Brian crashed it. A week ago it was starting to slpit and the asshole at the auto body shop tried to tell me my car got hit thats why it was cracked which was bullcrap beacuse my car was parked in a garage when it apparently cracked. One day I just noticed it.

He just didn't want to deal with it. He was so rude I think he got in big trouble which he should have. I got homework to finish gah..

It was very refreshing to hear from Tabbi it felt good. I still care about her. Never stopped.
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January 8th, 2007

09:04 pm - Life is coming back ...
My life is finally coming back together it seems, on october 25th of 06 I finally got my kidney! And shortly before that Brian came into my life. He is wonderful and treats me like a queen, there is something diffrent about him, when I first layed my eyes on him i felt a shock wave go down my body and I couldn't leave his work at the time (PetsMart) without getting his phone number, its like some force would just NOT let me leave until I did and im very happy I did.

As for the kidney it is doing well thank god and hopefully life is going to really get better, those two things have greatly improved my life thus far.

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Happiness have you found me at last? SO far we have been togther 4 months so thats a good sign :)
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October 15th, 2006

02:52 pm - A letter to Tabbi I have wanted to write her for months
Well where do I begin, I have pondered over whether to bother writing to you for fear you won't even read this. But the longing has been too powerful for me not to. Do with this what you will Tabbi. But at least hear me.

For the past several weeks I have been getting random moments where you enter my mind and i feel concern for you I hope your doing well, I don’t know what it is.

We have been through a lot of negative things this I know and I am sorry for that, I can't change the past all I can do is look to the present and future. But for at least this moment I ask you look past the bad blood and hear what comes from the deepest part of my soul.

In spite of it all, out of all the people I have ever met and probably will ever meet no one has touched my life the way you have. My soul hurts deeply because I miss your presence, your mind, your being, your wisdom, your laugh and smile.

I miss laughing with you and crying with you, I miss the deep connection I know our souls shared. I miss sitting and just talking with you. I often wonder what your life is like now, I want to know your happiness and sorrows, I miss not hearing about your day. I took that for granted before.

The mistake I made was not accepting change that we all go through. I made the mistake of being insensitive to you, taking your friendship for granted, letting petty things that really don't matter get in the way, I made the mistake of not accepting you for you and judging you about things that don't really matter instead of caring about you for who you are, my ears didn't hear it.

It is only now after a lot of time has passed that I realize inspite of your changes I lost the friend that meant more to me that anyone, losing you is probably the worst social loss I have ever had, I lost a piece of my soul.

Remember how happy we were Tabitha? I used to long for your phone calls as you did mine, remember those days? im not saying i want it back that way but I often think how could I have really lost a friend like that? You understood me better then anyone. Sure we may be different now but our souls are still the same.

If I could take back every time I brushed you off at our last try at being friends I would. I would take back every lunch we missed or time I didn't come over. Those were precious moments I lost, I can't go back but I am sorry every time your heart hurt from those episodes.

What I am saying is genuine and true, there isn't enough sorrys that I can say to erase the bad things that happened but please know that I am sorry from the bottom of my heart for every bad thing I have ever spoke, written, or even thought about you because it was blind anger and hate that made me over look what really matters and that a person like you only comes along once in a lifetime and I failed you horribly.

You never lost that special place in my heart and even if you still hate me I will always have love for you. I don’t care about anything that happened in the past, all I can tell you is that I hope you really take this letter to heart and can truly believe I am sorry even if you choose not to speak to me again, and I am sorry and I can't say I would blame you but I hope we can at least talk now and then just so I know your doing well and how your life is and what your doing. There is much about my life I would like to share with you also. My boyfriend Brian helped me get the courage to write this to you, so much id like to share.

Of course nothing in the world would make me happier then to have your precious friendship back for real this time, forever because I do miss you and I never want to make your heart sad or angry again. I hope you will think about it and write me back even if its to say you don’t want to talk to me again. But please write something back. Please try to remember the good things and how much I really do care about you Tabbi. I cry to this day sometimes for having lost you.

Please forget about the bad between us for good and let it go I have...I’m not hear to judge you or start drama I just want to know you again. I am extending my hand and wings to you I hope you take it. If so id like to invite you to lunch wherever you would like on me so we can catch up. But if not at least write back so I know you read this. I have wanted to write this to you for months.

your friend (I hope) Leah
your Samoona
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September 20th, 2006

09:02 pm - Missing
Is it so wrong to miss her? I really do the deepest part of me misses her, even though I know the "her" i knew is long gone now and replaced with this strange person I don't know. But there will always be parts of me that long to have her back in my life....

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May 27th, 2006

04:42 pm - My life is changing
This past week I have had a life changing experiance and I have found Jesus again and feel I must change my life for the better and I want to start by forgiving everyone who I have ever hurt and forgiving anyone and everyone who has ever hurt me.

At the top of that list is Tabitha I am truely sorry and I forgive her completly. I don't expect anything from her just that she hear my appology and know that I am sincere.

I am truly sorry we can't be friends of course I hope one day maybe we can for I hold nothing agianst her and am always going to be here if she ever needs me.
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March 2nd, 2006

08:34 pm - Unwordly
I feel something of another world in the air, I am not to sure what it is since its been so long since I sensed its fragile existence and I am always reminded as I am once again am that I can't escape my other self. Not even in this lifetime.

I heard voiced come out of my radio last night, I couldn't understand the words just mumbles, but the familiar chill and feeling filled my room. Is he free? He must be.

Something is happening....but its hard to know now that shes left my site in this world anyway, but I know she knows not even she can escape it its our destiny...
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